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RevelationMedia is Proud to Partner with Babylon Bee in Bringing iBIBLE to the World!

Babylon Bee and Not the Bee Exclusive

Be Among the First to Receive the “The Nativity” iBIBLE Puzzle from RevelationMedia!

iBIBLE_puzzlestanding_05nativity Medium

Receive Your Own Piece of iBIBLE Art

Each puzzle is 1,000 pieces, is 19” tall x 28” wide, and features one of our favorite scenes from the stunning iBIBLE episodes. These puzzles are perfect to put together as a family, as a gift for a friend, or to mount as a picture in your home.



“The Nativity”

This eye-catching iBIBLE Puzzle features the nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Baby Jesus is wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger, surrounded by animals.

These limited copies of “The Nativity” iBIBLE Puzzles are being released exclusively for Babylon Bee and Not the Bee readers, so order soon! Make a donation to RevelationMedia today to help support the continued production and distribution of iBIBLE, and we will send you “The Nativity” iBIBLE Puzzle in appreciation of your gift.



Limited Quantity

This unique puzzle that features iBIBLE art is only available directly from RevelationMedia, and quantities are limited! This nativity-themed iBIBLE Puzzle makes the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family. As always, there is no cost for shipping from RevelationMedia, and all funds raised will go directly into creating more episodes of iBIBLE.

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